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IFMA World Games Weight Division - and highlights from our The General Secretary

Cyprus Muaythai Federation
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Dear National Federations,

We are now less than 4 months away from the 2014 IFMA World Championships and it looks like it will be our largest in numbers. Please ensure that you support our Sport Director and also the LOC with timely submission of all forms.

As you can see from the tentative itinerary that was sent by our Sport Director, there will be many activities planned during the event. We will soon send you more details on the commission meetings, AGM and Congress which will be on the subject “Youth & Sport”.

This year, the youth competition (junior 17, junior under 17, kids, cadets & tykes) will be run separately from the seniors
as per our revised IFMA Rules & Regulations.

As you have been informed by our Sport Director, we will have many courses on offer during the event. It is important that all NFs send instructors to these courses. The following courses will be held:

  • Muayboran Course (3 days)

  • Khan Instructor Course (3 days)

  • Fitness PT Pad Master Course (2 days)

There will be a separate pad master course in order to introduce muaythai to the fitness world. If you have any fitness instructors who would like to participate in this course, please feel free to invite them along and register them through your NF.

  • Pee Muay Music Course (3 days) / Free of charge

As we believe that we should nurture future non-Thai muaythai band musicians, this course will be on offer free of charge to teach the art of muaythai music to all musically able participants who are interested.

  •  R&J Seminar (2 days + 1 Exam day)

We are looking forward to the biggest and best World Championships in May!

Yours sincerely,

Stephan Fox

General Secretary

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